Drink Tea to Improve Overall Health and Lifestyle


A recent U.S. National Health and Nutrition Survey revealed that 97.3 percent of American adults are getting a failing grade when it comes to healthy lifestyle habits. One reason why we are so unhealthy is because of what we drink.

Nearly half of American adults admit to drinking over 2.5 glasses of soda on a daily basis, a sugar-laden product which increases dehydration, is bad for your teeth, and adds pounds to our bodies every year. What many are now turning to instead of drinking soda is sipping on delicious, fresh loose leaf tea.

2.5 glasses of soda daily per person!


There are so many reasons why people choose tea, with the top reasons all being health related. Depending on the type of tea you choose, tea can:

  • Reduce your chances of cancer (tea contains antioxidants, particularly green and white tea)
  • Reduce your risk of both stroke and heart attack
  • Boost your metabolism and encourage weight loss
  • Keep illness at bay by boosting your immune system
  • Prevent bone loss

Tea also contains less caffeine than coffee, with varieties like black tea containing up to 40mg of caffeine and other varieties having even less. This means that those who drink tea will suffer less side effects on their nervous system than if they were to drink coffee.


A Lifestyle

Drinking tea is a lifestyle choice. Those who enjoy fresh loose leaf tea are interested in improving their health in a natural way. They also want to support underprivileged communities and diverse cultures from around the world.

But tea does more than support global culture and economy; it helps support our relationships with friends and family. Just as people get together at coffee shops for a chat and a latte or cappuccino, tea gives people a chance to meet up with one another inside or outside of the home and connect with one another.


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