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Green Tea VS Coffee

3 Reasons To Choose Tea

Coffee is one of the world’s most beloved drinks - and for good reason. But it’s not ideal for everyone. There are millions of people out there drinking coffee who are unaware that tea would better fit their lifestyle and taste preferences.

Tea has several characteristics that coffee can’t compete with, and some of these can mean big, positive changes for people who switch over. If you’re wondering if tea may be a better fit than coffee for your life, this blog is for you.

Let’s dive into the 3 reasons you should consider choosing green tea vs coffee.


Tea Energizes Without
The Rush And Crash

The rush that coffee gives can be useful for a short while, but it doesn’t last. The amount of caffeine in the coffee yield rapid rise and fall that often leave you tired and unmotivated. That’s not really a sustainable way to live - at least not happily.

Tea, on the other hand, offers quite a more gentle and smooth boost that doesn’t give you any jitters or anxiety. It brings you to a state of alert calm. That may seem like an unlikely combination, so let me break it down.

Firstly, tea contains caffeine significantly lower than coffee. Black tea often has 40-80% the caffeine as coffee, and green tea can have 20-60%. This lower level of caffeine reduces the intensity of the caffeine boost, but it doesn’t eliminate it. The boost is still there, but it’s less wild.

Here’s where things get really interesting.

Tea also has a protein called L-Theanine. This protein is known to calm your nerves, settle your anxieties, and smooth out the rough edges of the caffeine - look at this as health benefits. Instead of a rush and crash, you get a smooth and prolonged rise and fall over the course of several hours.

Sure, the intense rush of coffee is nice every once in awhile, but the gentle rise and fall from tea is much more satisfying and sustainable for most people.

Tea Is Far More Diverse
Than Coffee

The potential flavor landscapes of tea are vast, diverse, and complex. Between the five main tea types, you have a wide variety of flavors: subtle, sweet, intense, fruity, floral, acidic, smooth, creamy, bright, deep. Tea has it all!

There’s also diversity in coffee (more than most people realize), but overall it’s quite less breathtaking. The main diversity is in the nuance flavors, but not the primary ones.

Coffee from Ethiopia, Indonesia, and Guatemala all have tasty subtle differences, but the primary flavor is always the same: coffee. Therefore, if you don’t like coffee, you don’t like coffee.

Tea, on the other hand, features a rich variety of primary, as well as nuance, flavors. It’s possible to not like green tea, but love black tea. They often taste like completely different drinks, despite coming from the same plant.

If you’re a fan of exploring new flavor realms and flavor diversity, give tea a try.

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Tea is much
easier to brew
to perfection.

Brewing incredible coffee can be quite stressful. There are dozens of brewing methods to choose from, each with their own techniques and processes. Roasted coffee leaves peak freshness after two weeks, meaning you have very little time to enjoy your coffee at its highest quality. There are many brewing variable to juggle to brew balanced coffee.

Great coffee is rewarding, but it’s not easy.
Great tea, however, is easy and rewarding.

You immerse the leaves, let them steep, then strain them. It’s a very simple, forgiving, and enjoyable process that generates no stress.

You don’t need any expensive tools or special techniques. You simply need tea leaves that have been picked in the last six months (they remain fresh much longer than coffee beans), a teapot, a timer, and a way to heat water.

If you’re a fan of high quality drinks but don’t want to spend much time or energy figuring out how to make them, tea is absolutely the way to go.

Don’t get me wrong. Coffee has earned a place of honor in the world. But tea has much to offer that coffee can’t compete with in the way of a balanced boost, flavor diversity, and simple brewing.

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