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Milk Oolong

Product image 1Milk Oolong
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Product image 3Milk Oolong

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A hot cup of milk oolong is a perfect way to start your day feeling calm and centered. Our Milk Oolong is a delicate green tea with a rich and creamy taste, coupled with light orchid and vanilla flavors to enhance the smooth and mature feel of this drink.

Our Milk Oolong originates from China’s Fujian province. The tea leaves have distinct aroma and a gentle aftertaste experienced with each sip. Its relatively low caffeine levels make it the ideal choice for anyone looking to lower their coffee intake. For your convenience, you can order Milk Oolong online here or through our store on Amazon.


All-natural milk flavouring, Oolong tea.


Creamy, floral flavours and orchid notes.

Compliant with Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

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