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Milk Oolong

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Originating from the Chinese south-eastern Fujian province, Milk Oolong tea speaks for itself in terms of taste and flavour. Combining a rich and creamy taste coupled with light orchid and vanilla flavours, this ambrosian drink is a pure sine qua non of any tea devotee.

- Milky taste -Light orchid - Vanilla undertones



A fantastic amalgam of delicate oolong tea with all-natural milk flavouring originate a seamless and distinct aroma along with a gentle aftertaste experienced after each sip. This combination of flavours is a perfect way to start the day or consume during nooning.



Caffeine - Low

Growing altitudes - 5000 - 16000 (ft)

Ideal Brewing Temperature - 195 °F

Oxidation level - Low

Ti Kuan Yin Medium Grade


The right way to steep Milk Oolong tea


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