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3 Oolong teas and 1 Jasmine Dragon Pearls

Product image 13 Oolong teas and 1 Jasmine Dragon Pearls
Product image 2Teamatica Charcoal Oolong Tea
Product image 3Teamatica Jasmine Dragon Pearls
Product image 4Teamatica High Mountain Oolong Tea
Product image 5Teamatica Milk Oolong Tea

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1 tin of Charcoal Roasted Oolong tea (50 g)
1 tin of Milk Oolong tea (50 g)
1 tin of High Mountain Oolong tea (50 g)
1 tin of Jasmine Dragon Pearls tea (50 g)

This set is a great way to save money on the teas you love from Teamatica. Also, this set can become a wonderful gift for a person familiar with the market of premium and truly excellent teas.



Charcoal Roasted Oolong tea description

Originating from Taiwan, Charcoal Roasted Oolong tea is a mature yet aerial tea that combines savoury and sweet notes all at the same time. Giving a floral, nutty and honey gustation, this mesmerizing tea benefits of all numerous boons of a carefully grown oolong tea.

- Floral - Nutty - Honey notes



Especially palatable during late-night gatherings and banquets, swig a mouthful of this exceptional beverage with relish and become a true connoisseur in the premium tea segment. 


Caffeine - Medium

Growing altitudes - 8200 - 8500 (ft)

Ideal Brewing Temperature - 200 °F

Oxidation level - Medium 

Premium Grade


Milk Oolong tea description

Originating from the Chinese south-eastern Fujian province, Milk Oolong tea speaks for itself in terms of taste and flavour. Combining a rich and creamy taste coupled with light orchid and vanilla flavours, this ambrosian drink is a pure sine qua non of any tea devotee.

- Milky taste -Light orchid - Vanilla undertones



A fantastic amalgam of delicate oolong tea with all-natural milk flavouring originate a seamless and distinct aroma along with a gentle aftertaste experienced after each sip. This combination of flavours is a perfect way to start the day or consume during nooning.



Caffeine - Low

Growing altitudes - 5000 - 16000 (ft)

Ideal Brewing Temperature - 195 °F

Oxidation level - Low

Ti Kuan Yin Medium Grade


High Mountain Oolong tea description

Originating from Taiwan, High Mountain Oolong Light Roast tea can be a perfect day to day beverage with a universally appealing flavour and bouquet. Light caramel notes with a slight emphasis on stone fruits scents with a honey afterbite, this casual beverage can be an excellent opportunity to savour at work.

- Light caramel notes - Honey afterbite - Stone fruits scent



Creating a very interesting afterbite when ingested with lean meats, this combination of lighter flavours with a fruity scent can be a great accompaniment to any toothsome dinner.


Caffeine - Medium

Growing altitudes - 8200 - 8500 (ft) 

Ideal Brewing Temperature - 200 °F

Oxidation level - Medium

Premium Grade


Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea description

Originating from the Chinese south-eastern Fujian province, Jasmine Dragon Pearls tea is a unique and phenomenal tea scented by fresh jasmine flowers. Be sure that your senses of taste and smell will be mesmerized by the lingering Jasmine aroma and flavour.

- Light and mellow - Jasmine aroma and taste



This timeless and extraordinary tea aiding in digestion and slowing down the ageing process is one of the most popular aromatic green tea in China. This light and mellow tea can significantly enhance any tea time ranging from early morning pleasures to late-night tea parties and chilling moments. 



Caffeine - 

Growing altitudes -  (ft)

Ideal Brewing Temperature - 195 °F

Oxidation level - 

Ti Grade


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