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Golden Monkey Black Loose Leaf

Product image 1Golden Monkey Black Loose Leaf
Product image 2Golden Monkey Black Loose Leaf

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Originating from the Chinese south-eastern Fujian province, Golden Monkey Black Loose Leaf tea is a complex, layered and merely incomparable tea without any astringency. 

- Smooth -Deep - Earthiness aroma - Slightly malty



Deriving from the Panyang Congous family of black tea brought to Europe by the Portuguese in the 16th century, this tea can be gauged and esteemed like any century-old alcohol. This bestseller is a must be in any vespertine gathering alongside with a thoughtful and respectable discussion.


Caffeine - Medium

Growing altitudes - 5000 - 14500 (ft)

Ideal Brewing Temperature - 205 °F

Oxidation level - High

Special Tippy Orange Pekoe Grade

The right way to steep Golden Monkey Black Loose Leaf tea

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