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3 Oolong teas

Product image 13 Oolong teas
Product image 2Teamatica Charcoal Oolong Tea
Product image 3Teamatica High Mountain Oolong
Product image 4Teamatica Honey Dark Oolong Tea

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1 tin of Charcoal Roasted Oolong tea (50 g)
1 tin of Honey Dark Oolong tea (50 g)
1 tin of Alishan Championship Grade Oolong tea (50 g)

 This set is a great way to save money on the teas you love from Teamatica. Also, this set can become a wonderful gift for a person familiar with the market of premium and truly excellent teas.



Charcoal Roasted Oolong tea description

Originating from Taiwan, Charcoal Roasted Oolong tea is a mature yet aerial tea that combines savoury and sweet notes all at the same time. Giving a floral, nutty and honey gustation, this mesmerizing tea benefits of all numerous boons of a carefully grown oolong tea.

- Floral - Nutty - Honey notes



Especially palatable during late-night gatherings and banquets, swig a mouthful of this exceptional beverage with relish and become a true connoisseur in the premium tea segment. 


Caffeine - Medium

Growing altitudes - 8200 - 8500 (ft)

Ideal Brewing Temperature - 200 °F

Oxidation level - Medium 

Premium Grade


Alishan Oolong tea description

Originating from Taiwan, Alishan Oolong tea is a renowned beverage cultivated in the Ali Shan mountain region. Mastering multiple balmy flavours, this tea features floral flavours alongside lighter caramel and champaign notes.

- Caramel - Floral - Champaign



Outstandingly disembosoming with any dulcet food, partake those incredible flavours with any apricot or caramel desserts.


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