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Read the Tea Leaves: A Loose-Leaf Tea Gift Set Is the Best Closing Gift

Why a Loose-Leaf Tea Gift Set Is One of the Best Closing Gifts

Loose-Leaf Tea Gift Set Is One of the Best Closing Gifts


As a real estate agent, one surprisingly tough question you'll face is this: what should you give as closing gifts?

With about 100,000 people in Canada holding real estate licenses, it's key to find ways to set yourself apart. House closing gifts offer one great way to make a lasting impression. I've found that when I give closing gifts, those clients are more likely to return the next time they need an agent.

However, deciding which closing gifts ideas to use can be tough. Have you thought about loose-leaf tea? This surprising idea is unique, classy, and universal. Here's why you should give it a try.

It Suits the Wine Crowd Well

Wine makes a traditional closing gift. However, "traditional" can sometimes read as "boring."

How many other agents are out there gifting wine at closing? Lots of them, no doubt. And you can also expect that your clients will often be gifted wine as a housewarming present.

Your wine bottle might become just one of many on their countertop, and they'll quickly forget where each bottle came from. But if you gift a loose-leaf tea set, it will likely be the only one there.

And if your client likes wine, they'll also appreciate high-end tea. Like wine, tea has complex and delicate flavors that are designed to be appreciated, sipped, and paired with food. While wine can elevate a dinner or lunch experience, tea can elevate breakfast or any time of the day.

It's Non-Alcoholic

Another drawback of wine is that some of your clients may have a difficult relationship with alcohol.

You may not know that your client has had a bad experience with alcohol. They might have someone close to them struggling with addiction, or have their own personal reasons not to drink. But even if you don't know that giving wine on those situations can give the wrong impression.

Tea offers something similarly elevated, but non-alcoholic. This makes it a less-risky gift. Anyone can enjoy it, even non-drinkers.

It's Long-Lasting

While a bottle of wine or another consumable gift can disappear in an evening, a loose-leaf tea set lasts a long time.

It can't get broken like a vase or set of glassware. It won't get used all at once and it might even last for a matter of months.

This gives your client more chances to think of you, forming a strong impression that they'll remember in the future when they need an agent again. 

It Displays Well

Finally, a high-quality loose-leaf tea set belongs on display.

While some people might tuck theirs away in a cupboard, many will leave it out. The nicer the container looks, the more likely they are to display it.

This can prompt conversations with guests who'll ask, "Who gave you that?" And in the answer, your client will give you a recommendation that might bring you more clients.

Ready to Try One of My Favorite Closing Gifts?

In the world of closing gifts, loose-leaf tea is a solid go-to.

Tea, even more than coffee, is a virtually universal beverage. It's chic, inoffensive, delicious, and often comes in gorgeous packaging.

I've had great luck with gifting tea as a closing gift and now, you can give it a try. Check out these tea collections to get started. 

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