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Seal the Deal with a Gift: 3 Unique Closing Gifts for Sellers

Odds are, you know what it feels to move away from your home.

The average American moves upwards of 11 times during their lifetime. And, many of those moves can come with a bit of emotional baggage.

Selling a house can be a long and emotional process. After living in the same spot for a couple of years, people tend to rack up quite a few fond memories. And, packing away your life and leaving what is familiar is never easy.

This added emotional weight is why sellers and real estate agents can form such a strong bond during their time together. And, that's where unique closing gifts for sellers come in.

Are you looking for the perfect way to wish your sellers well as they move on to the next stage in their life? We can help.

Here are three thoughtful and unique closing gifts that will help your clients hold on to the fond memories tied to the home they're leaving.

1. Framed Memorabilia

Odds are, your client isn't just moving away from a house, they're moving away from an area they have come to know and love.

Framed maps can make for stunning and truly unique gifts. Try looking for an antique map of the area, or a personalized map that marks out any significant places in your client's life.

If you'd like to take a much more personal route, you could also look into getting framed copies of the blueprints of the house they're selling. With this gift, your seller can bring an actual piece of their old home to their new one.

Whatever you decide, framed memorabilia is a fantastic way to give your client a little piece of their old life they loved that they can cherish.

2. Custom Throw Pillows

Custom decorative throw pillows are an excellent way to give your sellers a way to add a little bit of themselves to their new house.

Find a throw pillow monogrammed with your client's last name or their former address.

And, if you're not sure throw pillows are enough, you can create a complete comfort basket they can use in their new living room. Add in a soft throw blanket, a few coffee mugs, and maybe even a unique scented candle to remind them of their old home.

3. A Tea Gift Set

Finally, is there anything more calming and comforting than a warm cup of tea?

Moving can be incredibly stressful; even more so when you're leaving your home behind. On top of that, settling into a new, unfamiliar place can be just as emotionally taxing.

All of this added stress is precisely why a loose leaf tea gift set makes for the perfect parting present for your sellers. With flavor combinations to suit everyone's pallet, you're sure to find the perfect one to fit your client's needs.

While a tea gift set can offer your sellers comfort and relief as soon as they arrive at their new home, it is a gift that keeps on giving. Your clients will be able to keep using the added tumbler and tea infuser for years to come.

And, they'll think of you and their beloved old home with every sip.

Unique Closing Gifts for Sellers

Moving can be a challenging process, which is why giving your clients a closing gift can be such a thoughtful gesture.

By using one of these unique closing gifts for sellers, you're sure to find the perfect gift to help your clients settle into their new home.

Are you looking for the perfect gift idea for any occasion? Check out the rest of our products for a little extra inspiration.

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